For the last 15 years, I've been lucky to work with some of my favorite artists all over the globe as a producer and recording / mixing / live sound engineer. I currently make records out of Shorebreaker, my own beachside recording studio in beautiful Basque Country.

Scroll down for a list of current and past clients and listen to some of my work.

Thurston Moore Group


The Internet

The Drones


Zombie Zombie

Camilla Sparksss




The Make Up

Trans Am

Lee Ranaldo

Matias Aguayo

A Place To Bury Strangers

Justine Mauvin


Quintron & Miss Pussycat


Civil CIvic

Herman Dune


(P)roduced / (R)ecorded / (M)ixed

  • "Nahi Eta Nahi Ez" OST

    By Willis Drummond
    (Tabula Rasa)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Blah"

    By Monte Mai
    (On The Camper)


  • "Before It's Vanished"

    By Rüdiger
    (Uso Pop)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Supernova" Single

    By La Compagnie Des Musiques Télescopiques
    (Uso Pop)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Flynt For President" OST

    Directed by Nadia Szold


  • "What You Wanna Know"

    By Monte Maï
    (On The Camper)


  • "Testura"

    By Testura
    (Forbidden Colours)

    (P) + (M)


    By Willis Drummond
    (Tabula Rasa / Like Litteraly)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "La Fièvre Golby"

    by Botibol
    (Haïku - Uso Pop)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Anguish"

    Dälek / Mats Gustafsson / Faust / Andreas Werliin
    (Rare Noise Records)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Trader Reveal"

    By Johannes Buff
    (Like Literally)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Hegan"

    by Orbel
    (Uso Pop / Dingelberry / Urgence Disk)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Inspex EP"

    by Meteorists

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Itzal Zikinak"

    by Lumi
    (Uso Pop)


  • "The Last Moth - Live"

    by Botibol
    (Uso Pop / Haiku / Noise Chamber)

    (R) + (M)

  • "Feeling Fickle"

    by Julio Nickels
    (Like, Literally)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "Infinite Music"

    Sonic Boom / Etienne Jaumet / Celine Wadier
    (Fire Records)

    (R) + (M)

  • "Like a taser in a cotton candy"

    By Kepa
    (Editions Miliani)

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • "The Way You Haunt My Dreams"

    by Blackthread
    (Nahal Recordings)


  • "Zu Al Zara?"

    Joseba Irazoki & Lagunak

    (P) + (R) + (M)

  • “Leave It To The Sun"

    by THEA
    (Haïku Records)

    (R) + (M)

  • "Transcendent Transaction"

    by Thurston Moore Group

    (R) + (M)

  • "Proxima B"

    Directed by Giulia Grossmann
    Music by Cosmic Neman


  • "Vomir Rollet 8inch"

    by Vomir / Quentin Rollet
    (Mind Records)


  • "Mikrosession #12 - Hippocampe"

    by Zombie Zombie

    (R) + (M)

  • "The Baader Meinhof Komplex " OST

    by Peter Hinderthür
    (Warner Music)


  • "A Thank You"

    by Dual-Split

    (P) + (M)

  • "Chasing Bonnie & Clyde" OST

    by Black Yaya (Herman Dune)
    (Lumento Films)


  • "Now You Can Answer My Prayers"

    by Enablers
    (Lancashire & Somerset)