End Note is my private production room in Basque Country. It has everything your music needs to bloom, and of course, the ocean is only a bike ride away...

It is built around a custom API / SSL / STUDER console.
This means 16 channels of Studer 169 grit + 8 channels of API punch, all summing into a smooth SSL master section. It allows 24 tracks at mixdown, with 16 very musical EQs. Analog outboard include units from EMI/Chandler, Altec, Tube Tech and API, while monitoring is performed through industry standard Barefoot to always be told the truth.

There's also a cool collection of new and vintage instruments and effect units to play with here, including a Mellotron M4000, analog and modular synths (Digisound 80, Analog Systems, Roland, Korg...), guitars and amplifiers (Danelectro, Höfner, Silvertone, Dynacord, Fender...), tape echoes, spring reverbs and tons of stompboxes...

Email me for production, recording and mixing jobs!