Had lots of fun mixing Willis Drummond's third LP "Istanteak" in the then brand new Mikrokosm Recording Studios.



Willis Drummond is quite literally the best band you've never heard.
They sing in Basque. They rip through bigger stages than Primavera -- and half the garage rock darlings flown in from around the world. For most of Spain, they probably even slept on your floor.
Over the last four years WD have earned the reputation as Basque's premiere cultural export. To witness this 4-piece is something special. Born on AC/DC and reared with enough Fugazi to make your punk brother proud, this is pure rock that scans like some hidden gem from the pages of MRR.

Check out their latest LP "A ala B" (A or B) produced by Burke Reid (The Drones, The Mess Hall) or see them live asap!