Recorded Enablers' 10" "Now Your Can Answer My Prayers" in Peppermint Park Studios, Germany.
A dream come true.



"Hy" from Now You Can Answer My Prayers by Enablers.

When Johannes Buff first contacted us about recording with him for a radio program we were intrigued and a little suspicious. After all, the experience could run the gamut from a closet sized room with a microphone and a half dead laptop running Garage Band to a decent little studio with a console and a tape machine. Johannes assured us it was all on the up and up and that for a small fee we could stay overnight at the studio. A fee? This was getting interesting. What kind of studio charges a fee to sleep there? We said yes.
When we arrived in the vicinity of the studio, we walked through two heavy doors and into an open space with hardwood floors, tall ceilings, soft walls, sleek lighting, a grand piano and Neumann microphones. We all silently thought, “holy shit…the fucking Eagle has landed for sure.” We were blown away. First rate accommodations, insane gear, great amps, unreal console, kitchen, couches, coffee, clean towels…in short: the works. Surely, this was not an opportunity to waste. We set up and we went to work.
(Words By Kevin Thomson)