One of the undiscovered basque treasures. Joseba invites his "Lagunak“ (friends in Basque) to craft his songs. Intense and edgy.

Production + Mixing + Recording


Joseba Irazoki is unable to sit still.
Guitar virtuoso accompanying Atom Rhumba, Duncan Dhu or Nacho Vegas, he always seems to be looking for something new. I wouldn't relate this to dissatisfaction but would rather say that he enjoys investigation.
His previous records all sound very different, from improvised pieces to produced songs his voice spanned genres with a strong John Fahey flavour.
This record started as a commissioned live performance and is no exception, Joseba is still looking for other territories to visit.

Felix Buff: Drums, Percussions
Iban Urizar: Trumpet, Clarinet
Igor Telletxea: Trombone, Vibraphone
Jaime Nieto: Bass
Ager Insunza: Guitar, Violin
Joseba Irazoki: Lead, Guitars, Banjo, Autoharp
Iñigo Irazoki: Additional Recordings
Johannes Buff: Guitars, Vocals