Sat with the noisy bunch once more!
This time for 3 days of non stop intense action.



Seeing Action Beat live is akin to standing inside a maelstrom of aural and physical violence. Guitartists propel themselves against walls, amplifiers, audience members and each other, all the while communicating with each other in an alien language of monstrous, undulating crescendoes and repetitions. The band have recorded three albums at Southern and the recording process is much the same, though it tends to involve less clothing and of course, less collateral damage to the surroundings. Though it would never be possible to capture the Action Beat experience onto tape (or drive space - a much less romantic turn of phrase but perhaps a factual one), The Condition (in fact recorded partly at Southern and partly somewhere else) is about a close as one can reasonably get from the comfort of one's own safe house and without risking possible death by guitarist.

Partially recorded in Peppermint Park Studios, DE.