Commissioned reinterpretations for Bilbao based, experimental label Larraskito.

Production + Mixing


"Give me your first born…" from We will leave a stain as evidence by Le Knell.

These remixes were commissioned by Bilbao's label Larraskito for its 13's release.

"Finally we recover this lost reference by Johannes Buff, french producer and guitarist, whose fantastic debut appeared on the american label Utech Records. His usual material revolves around drones -sometimes dark, sometimes intimate, but always melodic and emotional- however, for Larraskito he proposed a different and very special work remixing Larraskito's previous references together with field recordings made around the Larraskito Club area in Bilbao in a job closer to collage than actual composition, revealing along the way some of his more psychedelic influences. A nice tribute to the first anniversary of the label and the basque experimental music scene in general. We can not thank Johannes enough for this."