Produced an EP for this fun french trio.
Violin, bass, drums. Neon explosives.

Mixing + Recording


All hail the avant garde!
Radical French pop rock combo Nickel Pressing return with another confounding and enthralling EP full of spiky shapes, pulsing tones and crunching beats. Predominantly known for their amazingly powerful live shows, the French trio make ‘a rough and colourful sound’ with their atypical mix of bass, drums and violin.

Often to be found touring Europe with the likes of We Have Band, James Chance and the Chap, the band themselves describe their menu as ‘cocktails, colorful and loaded’
Let’s drink to that.

Pierrick Monnereau: Vocals, Violin, Synths
Gaël Monnereau: Vocals, Bass
Yann Sandeau: Vocals, Drums